Bring on 2k13

If you’ve followed along for 2012, and a lot of you have. We doubled our views from 2011 and went from 5 views per day to 13 views per day. There were many things that happened that we didn’t have the time to blog about. Recently we checked out Brickstore Pub, went to Foothills for Olde Rabbit’s Foot release and brewed a hoppy wheat just two days ago. For 2013 we hope to add more to this blog. Maybe get self hosted, add some videos, naturally more posts, more frequently and some shorter posts. I also want to add a food category, since beer and food go hand-in-hand.

Expect big news for 2013 as new breweries fire up across the state of Georgia. There’s two or three getting started in the Atlanta area, as well as one, maybe two in Athens. Blue Tarp and Three Taverns are set to go in Decatur. Strawn Brewing is putting out beer and Burnt Hickory is already going in Alpharetta. Former Twain’s brewer David Stein is preparing to launch Creature Comforts from the old Snow Tire building in downtown Athens, GA. Expect to see Southern Brewing Company start putting the rubber to the road this year with an early 2014 launch expected. There’s even a brewery getting started in the armpit of Georgia, Macon. So everyone welcome Macon Beer Co.



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