Bring on Mondays

Monday Night Brewing

Monday Night Brewing

Certainly you didn’t think we made a trip to ‘Da A’ just to visit Red Hare Brewing at lunch time than retreat to our more traffic pleasant town of Athens?  Although I must say on this 21st day of December after water fell from the sky on this thought to be defunct Earth according to the Mayans, that traffic sucked.  With it raining yesterday at a rate of possibly .25″/day, motor horse drivers were obviously confused or impaired.  But I digress.  After leaving Red Hare, we ventured south, away from the snobs of Cobb (publisher’s note; Sarah is from Cobb County and thoroughly enjoys me saying this) to the midst of traffic Hell.  Our gps was aiming at Monday Night Brewing.  We turn down a side street, down a short hill with a view of a fenced in or fenced out park, not sure which, and into a small lot populated with work trucks.  We’re met in the parking lot by MNB sole sales force, Rachel.

Large tasting room

Large tasting room

Jonathon Baker was under the weather and not here.  So this marks twice that I’ve not met him.  We’re escorted into the office area and quickly pours of Fu Man Brew and Drafty Kilt are hitting glasses.  There’s also some non-labeled Eye Patch Ale bottles being popped from a cooler.  Rachel talked about MNB, their coming about, the site, their beers and who’s brewing them presently.  With her making sure everyone had a pint, she invited us into the vast space of the tasting room.  On the wall hung CAD drawings and prints of the brewery build-out.  The vast contrast of this place and others is that they are actually planning.  Red Hare, Red Brick, Terrapin, all have seemed to fit their brewery into a building with little thought of the tasting room size.  My favorite brewery that I’ve visited is Nantahala Brewing in Bryson City, NC.  Which may soon fall to second favorite once Monday Night opens albeit on a Monday night.  Everything has been thought of.  A huge tasting room with the bar next to the entrance wall with 12 tap handles.  Behind the bar is two garage doors, which will open to outside for pouring.  Outside will have 2 bocce courts too and a few flower beds.  The view of the park will be shaded in afternoons by large trees.  The restrooms will be stadium style with no doors.  Before you balk at that, stadium style helps with lines and no nasty door handles to touch.  A nice size barrel room adjacent the facilities.  Opposite that will be a very large cooler.

Inside the brewery

Inside the brewery

Even the brewery is well thought out.  Instead of cutting the floor and installing drains and then pouring the floor again, drains were added and the floor raised.  But why is the wet floor above the dry floor?  Why does it matter?  There are drains in the raised floor to keep the dry floor, well dry and saved lots of money cutting concrete.  The best part of this brewery?  What any other local brewery doesn’t have, a damn lab!  That’s what I like to call planning for the future.  Sure, all of us can make beer at home without a lab.  Even big breweries can do it.  But does the added cost of tossing out yeast that is still viable or not infected get passed on to us consumers?

One of the nicer things about the tasting room will be a huge mural on the far opposite wall once entering.  They were still painting it while we were there, but finished it shortly after.  You can see the finished image on their Facebook page.  To stick with the heritage of how the guys got started and the name, they will open on Mondays and use the mural wall (the plain white area naturally) to view Monday Night Football games from an overhead projector.  Which will be really cool in that large tasting room.  Hopefully a nice sound system gets installed.

Mural being projected for painting

Mural being projected for painting

Well there’s not much that can pull me to Atlanta, but this is turning out to be one of them.  While there I felt we were close to Red Brick, so I did a Google Map search of the area.  While it’s only 1o miles between the four breweries it could be an hour with infamous ATL traffic.

Thanks for being a great host Rachel and congratulations to the entire Monday Night crew on their forthcoming soft opening.  Hopefully we’ll be there for it.

Weekends aren’t overrated in my book, but Mondays look a lot better.  Cheers!

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  1. Sorry I missed you… again. In regards to the sound system, my father-in-law builds speakers as a hobby. So yes, we WILL be able to blast your favorite Miley Cyrus tunes.

  2. The first time was my own fault at Trappeze for the Athens release. But you can’t just stop talking to Ort once you get him going. I’m all about blasting some Miley Cyrus as long as it’s over commercials between the games. Spot looks dope Baker! Hope to see you at the soft opening.

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