Cascade House Pale

It’s a snow day for most of Georgia, Sarah and UGA included.  There are no such things as snow days for me.  However I’m a little under the weather so I took the day off to recover, plus because Sarah has a snow day.  Last weekend when I really felt bad I did manage to bottle my latest batch of beer; a second attempt at an all Cascade hopped pale ale.

I’m calling it Cascade House Pale hoping that when I finally get a keezer built and installed this will stay on tap, or one of its sister brews.  Like a house pale with a different hop.  Or a haus pale with German hops and/or malts.  These recipes with be minimal so to showcase the hops or malts in the beer.

Cascade hops going for a swim

Cascade hops going for a swim


Cascade House Pale getting bottled

Cascade House Pale getting bottled

I brewed this beer once at Gratis and while it turned out okay, I pitched it after some yeast experimenting.  Winds up I didn’t pitch enough so it only fermented to around 1.020.  It wasn’t bad, but I thought it was a little too sweet and didn’t let the Cascade hops shine.  Some people say it tastes like a Deschutes Mirror Pond, which I believe is also all Cascade hops.  Looking at their mobile website the recipes are close.  This five gallon batch was hopped with leaf hops at 60 minutes, 30 minutes, 15, 10 and five minutes.  Plus an extra seven-day dry-hopping.  I’ve opened the first two bottles on this snow day after being in bottles for only three days.  There is some slight carbonation already, but not enough yet.  I can tell that it’s still kind of flat, but not completely.  It’s better with the dry hops.

Now the decision is to brew this recipe again or brew a different variation in time to get it bottle for this year’s Peach State Brew Off.  I do have some bottles of chocolate porter properly bottled that I hope to get entered.  Now to figure out a group for that brew.

Cheers songbirds!  Keep drinking.

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