An anniversary for Mondays

Someone has a case of the Mondays

food court, draft trucks & casks Oh My!

food court, draft trucks and casks Oh My!

That’s a great line from a funny movie.  Having a case of the Mondays sucks unless it’s a case of craft beer from Monday Night Brewing Company.  We recently enjoyed their 2nd anniversary party held at the brewery.  Originally scheduled for August it was postponed until November 2nd; which worked out great for me and Sarah.  I was hesitant to go, but with the season Georgia is having I was a bit skeptical about the game.  Thankfully though the day before I felt good about the game which is when Kathleen texted about her going to the anniversary party, so to Atlanta we go.

A special lineup

Drafty Kilt NITRO

Drafty Kilt NITRO

Why throw an anniversary party if you aren’t going to make it special right?  I was lucky enough to tour Monday Night just before they opened and knew then it was going to be a great scene, now they just need a great lineup of beers on tap.  I’ve wanted to take Sarah to the brewery because I knew she would enjoy it, but we both wanted more variety than their three current beers.  Which are all great beers, but Sarah and I like to change it up when at breweries (disclaimer: Sarah had one 8oz pour).  Thankfully I keep up with their social media so I had an idea what the pour list would contain.  They had also put it out there would be some casks.

local business designed casks

local business designed casks

One thing they did for Atlanta Beer Week, which I think was the week earlier, was put their Wee Heavy/Scottish Ale Drafty Kilt on a nitro tap.  So naturally that’s the first pour I go for.  I’m thinking of changing my touring philosophy from start little and go big to the complete opposite.  It’ll be like get drunk off your first two beers and slowly sober up over your next six.  That will work right?  The nitro completely changed this beer.  A big beer with a dry finish is now a creamy hot mess and delicious.  Much more appealing to me on nitro, but I’m a picky bitch according to Sarah.  They also had the Eye Patch IPA with Serrano peppers on tap, which I was told they are going to bottle for a limited release.  If you can find it, get it.  It has near perfect balance for a beer with peppers.  Some are bold with peppers so only enjoyable with food.  This one could be sipped on its own, or enjoyed even better with a great burger to add some spiciness.  Naturally there was the original Eye Patch, Fu-Man Brew (ginger Wit), Blind Pirate (DIPA released in bombers).  They also brewed a special anniversary beer with two types of malt and two types of hops.  It was a Helles lager and was a perfect representation for the style.

food trucks staying busy

food trucks staying busy

We arrived a few minutes before 5’o’clock and walked right in to a near empty brewery with the Georgia game being projected on the wall.  This made it near impossible to peel myself away and go outside for some cask pours.  There were five casks, each carefully thought up by local businesses using either Eye Patch or Drafty Kilt as the base.  I only had two pours, each a Drafty Kilt, one from West Egg Café which had bourbon and maple syrup, the other from FLIP Burger with cinnamon and nutmeg.  Both were good, but Kathleen said the one with vanilla and orange peel was better.

FLIP Burger #noms

FLIP Burger #noms

Outside was circle by food trucks giving people plenty of different options for grub why sampling beers.  We opted to wait on food hoping to eat dinner with Sarah’s parents until finally telling them to eat without us.  We happened to stumble into Austin and Sydney arriving as we were leaving, or did he stumble into us?  Since FLIP Burger is basically next door we couldn’t resist a good burger.  A must try if you’re in the area touring Monday Night Brewing or Red Brick Brewing.

Good cheer

I finally got the chance to meet Jonathon Baker, aka Mr. Monday Night.  He is a super nice guy even after I heckle him on Twitter while brewing on the weekends and pledging weekends aren’t over rated.  There’s a chance that something special is still on tap, so hurry on down to Monday Night and enjoy their great location and well thought out brewery.


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