Coil fail

Not everything here is chipper and successful.  In fact much of life hasn’t been great lately either.  I hardly see my wife anymore thanks to my new schedule at work.  This has caused her stress level to rise which her doctor isn’t happy about.  It’s caused my stress to rise, now my doctor isn’t happy with my blood pressure.  We had a scare the other day at the dentist when they couldn’t get my blood pressure below 165/115.  But before all that happened I could have bitten a stainless steel coil in half.

coils and coilsAlmost a year ago at work they trashed two boxes of 50′ stainless steel tubing that couldn’t be used.  One coil they ruined, the other I salvaged out of the trash.  I have a copper immersion chiller already, so why would I need a less superior stainless steel one?  Lately I’ve rolled my water hose into a coil and put it in a bucket of ice to act as a pre-chiller for my immersion chiller.  This works great too.  I can get a boiled kettle to 65F in about 25 – 30 minutes.  But what if I replaced the chilled water hose with a stainless steel coil in a bucket of ice?  The stainless would chill the water passing through better than a plastic and rubber hose would.  This could make the copper immersion chiller that much cooler and get the wort to pitching temperature in almost 15 minutes; possibly.

So I finally have another day of down time before dental surgery on Wednesday morning.  I have to take sedation medicine, so I can’t go into work.  Maybe I should have taken the sedation medicine before working on this coil?  The biggest concern with doing this (without a tubing bender) is to not put a crease in the tubing, as you can’t get it out without cutting it out.  I naturally don’t have a tig welder at home to piece it back together either.  So I use a fermenter bucket and start rolling the coil around it trying to reduce its size to fit into my large ice bucket.unpackaged steel coil

I make it through the entire length of coil and check its size in the ice bucket but it’s still too large.  So I use the bucket again the entire length of coil and get it to a size that will fit in the ice bucket nice.  It’s almost the size of the inside diameter so it should chill nicely if full of ice.  Now all I need to do is bend one end up towards the other end (to match the shape of the copper one) so that I can connect two water hose ends to it.  What I should have done is left it alone since I’m going to use plastic hoses to connect it to the water hose anyways.  After trying for about two minutes to slowing roll the coil tight enough to turn it inside of the coil I put a huge crease in it.  I then pounce it into crimped pieces and throw it in the recycling bin to carry to the curb side.  No money lost, only time spent working on it.  Now that my blood pressure is already up I go for a nice job down the street and look forward the oral surgery the next day.

first size reduction almost doneMy next project is to put a valve in a new kettle then I’m finally ready to brew!  It can’t come soon enough.  I should find time between the four doctor appointments within the next three weeks.


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