Hop Back To It

additions and consumptions

additions and consumptions

I hope some of you don’t read too much into that title.  This post isn’t related to our new Southern Brewing Company t-shirts saying “We’re going to need a bigger hop back.”  It’s in reference to finally have some free time to relax with some home brew and do some writing, err typing.  Work has certainly consumed the weekdays to the point that I have enough time to work, eat and sleep.  The weekends have been consumed with everything from concerts to weddings to travelling.  The travelling is about to come full circle too.  If you’re in the know, well then ya know.

I’m sure you’ve forgotten like I have, but our first brew was a hoppy wheat beer brewed a couple of nights before New Year’s Day.  I then got a last-minute inspiration to brew a white pale ale, dubbed White Pale Mutt.  I wanted to continue playing with yeast after successfully washing a WLP-300 German Hefeweizen culture and propagating it.  So I brewed a light grain bill using Sorachi Ace hops for their known lemon and citrus notes.  I finished the boil off with some Cascade for more citrus notes and tossed in some fresh sweet orange peel for good measures.  I blended the washed WLP-300 culture with a fresh WLP-007 Dry English Ale strand.  I propagated that strand too and split it, using half on this brew and refrigerating the rest.  This will prove fatal to me later.  Oh well, what do you do?  Brew and learn!

Secondary runnings

Secondary running

I took advantage of an off Friday to get this brew in.  It really fell together a day or two before after sipping on a Westbrook White Thai.  I thankfully found Sorachi Ace hops at 5 Points Growlers and Brew Supply, which is where I found the really fresh vial of WLP-007.  I threw a pork butt and a couple of whole chickens in the smoker to keep me occupied during down time.  I shouldn’t take on so many hobbies at once, but I for the most part have brewing at home down.  Not so much at Gratis, but I’m learning, so I won’t be smoking any meat there while I’m brewing just yet.

Sweet orange peel

Sweet orange peel

I threw in more fresh orange sweet peel during bottling but even the small amount of bottle carbonation blew that off too.  The beer fresh was awesome lemon/citrus bitterness.  The dry English ale yeast helped subdue the big German Hefeweizen yeast notes of banana and bubble-gum flavors that are so known with that culture.  It’s a great beer for Summer and even Spring.  But since Spring isn’t here yet, and I’m not complaining, we’ll decide if we sit on them or slowly sip them.



We did some more brewing but it was at Gratis Brewing.  I want to keep these next few posts short, so we’ll be there next time.


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