Sixpoint in 5 Points

Sixpoint line up

Sixpoint line up

Wait, what? Yeah, Sixpoint Brewery out of Brooklyn, NY will be in 5 Points on Thursday, March 7th at Aromas Craft Works, formerly known as Aromas Wine Bar.  Well still known as Aromas to all of us.  Sixpoint Brewery has finally made it to Georgia.  They produce some great liquid in beers such as their IPA, Bengali Tiger and Resin, a DIPA.  Also 3 Beans, a Baltic Porter brewed with three beans.  This unique beer is brewed with Romano beans in the mash, cacao beans in the boil and coffee beans before being aged on oak.

Resin - epitome of pool beer

Resin – epitome of pool beer

One of the better things about Sixpoint is they only fill kegs and aluminum cans.  This makes them a perfect pool beer, if your pool is within walking distance like ours.  I’ve been able to bootleg some back from business trips in Kentucky.  In fact Resin is the epitome of pool beer.  Thankfully now we can start out with some Sweet Action or The Crisp.  One Resin on a 100 degree day wading in a pool for hours is the same as  moonshine in the midst of winter.  One of the more unfortunate things is that Athens won’t see any 3 Beans from Sixpoint.  A tweet from Sixpoint says it’s only for loyal accounts.  My reply that I’d drive eight hours for their beers didn’t garner a reply.

Back to the release on March 7th at Aromas, this will be hosted by local distributor Leon Farmer and Co.  Find out more from Kathleen’s post on their website.  I would love to meet up with everyone and talk great beer with great friends, but UGA’s last home basketball game against Kentucky tips off at seven.  It’s only a 12 minute walk according to Google, but logistics ruins any chance of making both since the wife works near-by and we refuse to have two cars out at once.  But if anyone does a release right, it’s LF & Co.  I’ve never been to one of their releases where I left feeling like I didn’t learn something.  I’ve been to other releases that were actually published in newsletters or social media and you never actually meet anyone.  Also, if you didn’t know from the release notes you wouldn’t know anything was going on.  Quite sad, as most of us self acclaimed beer geeks like to meet the brewers or reps and talk beer.

Righteous Ale

Righteous Ale

I was lucky enough to acquire some samples and I’m working my way through them in a really random order.  I’ve had Bengali Tiger and Resin before, which may very well lead the way for their beers.  Tonight I started out with the Righteous Ale, a rye beer, which was nice and spicy with a huge, great hop aroma.  Next was Brownstone and again, I’m not a brown fan.  This won’t beat Back 40’s Truck Stop Honey Brown, but it’s damn tasty.  Lastly tonight I had a 3 Beans. Instead of singing, “fat guy in a little coat?” from the movie Tommy Boy, it’s more like big beer in a little can.  Great mouth feel and almost has the smell of a good espresso.

3 Beans pour

3 Beans pour

I’m sure Atlanta will see Sixpoint this week too, if not already.  In fact if you can’t wait to Thursday, Chops and Hops already has The Crisp and Resin on tap.  So in closing, please make it over to Sixpoint’s release at Aromas Craft Works on Thursday.  Who knows, I may stop in for a pint of Diesel before the game.


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