Florida beer run – Day 1

It’s Thursday morning and I’m not going to make it into work today. I’m heading south with Cloudy Fly, Private America and Beer Monster to the Tampa area of Florida. Maybe we’ll have a beer somewhere?

We leave Athens at 1:30 and what feels like a day and a half later, we pull up to 7venth Son Brewing at 10 in Dunedin. This has to be the smallest brewery I’ve been to, but the largest inspiration yet. Athens could benefit and appreciate a small 3 barrel brewery in a spot downtown. This place is without a doubt smaller than most bars in Athens. Which worries me that you would struggle keeping house beer on tap with such a small setup, but 7venth Son is about to expand into the spot next to them with a 7 barrel system. The beer didn’t disappoint either. Their FYA pale and Graffiti Orange Creamsickle pale wheat, along with the Summer Overhead IPA were unknowingly at the time would be some of my favorite beers of the trip. They do some barrel aging, more than the image shows. We went into their fermentation room, which had a couple of full sized barrels.

We hung out there until they were closing, then walked a few blocks towards Dunedin Brewing Company. Along the way an oddly placed guard rail in a grass yard attacked Beer Monster. Guard rail – 1; Beer Monster – 0. Dunedin Brewing let us in the door to tell us they were closed. So we walked a different route over to Dunedin House of Beers. They had a great tap list displayed on a huge digital board. There were no signs of poorly erased chalk on the board. Rookie mistake número úno takes place. I ordered a Widmer Brothers Old Embalmer ’12 barley wine… at 1am. It was great, but I wasn’t too much good after that. After a couple of beers we walked across the street to a gas station where they sold fresh home made sandwiches and probably one of the best Cubans I’ve ever enjoyed.

The next morning would suck and it’s only Friday, argh! Check out 7venth Son if you’re anywhere in the Tampa area.








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