Vote Terrapin 2012

2008 (l) & 2012 (r) All-American Imperial Pilsner

2008 (l) & 2012 (r) All-American Imperial Pilsner

Back in July I first mentioned Terrapin Beer Company’s 2012 campaign. It’s an election year, so we’ll see another run of All-American Imperial Pilsner. Terrapin also has an election online to vote for a re-brew of a past beer. Voting isn’t over, but I think both parties have elected their top contenders. Right now the people’s choice is Oak-aged Rye Squared. But a late push might see Hoptaneous Combustion try to take over Rye2.

To help get voters to the polls Terrapin had an election party at Trappeze with the current president 2012 All-American Imperial Pilsner with past president, 2008 Pilsner. I put the two presidents side by side to weigh their tastes on some common issues. (See what I did there?) To be four years old, the 2008 has held up great. Slightly malty sweet, with not a lot of lingering hops. I never had it during its golden years, so I don’t know how much hop presence was there to start with. Being a pilsner, one wouldn’t think there would be much to start with. For the currently elected president, 2012 All-American Imperial Pilsner is deliciousness. It has a slightly drier finish and a lighter color, just darker than a golden straw color. It’s smooth enough that you don’t get the booze heat of the 2008, but the 8.5% abv is hidden. So hidden you may start talking politics to your glass before long. There’s just enough hops presence to balance it out perfectly. The 2012 gets my vote over the 2008. Maybe Terrapin can get gas prices back to what they were in 2008?

2012 All-American Imperial Pilsner Tap Hat

2012 All-American Imperial Pilsner Tap Hat

With any election party, there has to be a character socializing among the political figures. So Terrapin brought along this year’s Pumpkinfest as a running mate. So my running mate Sarah had a debate with it. Not as much pumpkin that we tasted in the original side project version. This year you seem to get cinnamon up front, in the middle and on the back side. I won’t pass much judgment just yet because I’m not in the pumpkin beer mode just yet.

Terrapin had a nice booth set up for patrons to cast their vote on the election of past beers to make another run as supremacy. I normally wouldn’t tell everyone how I vote but it was for Hoptaneous Combustion. Sarah voted for Sunray Wheat again. I know some time back John had said Sunray only sales during the summer, but I know many people that miss it. They also miss enjoying a wheat beer during brewery tours too. I know our visits to the brewery have been fewer and fewer since they ‘kicked’ Sunray from their lineup.

Keep your eye on Terrapin’s vote page to see how the polls are going. Cheers to picking the beer you drink and the beer Terrapin brews!

UPDATE!  At this time the polls show that Hop Shortage Ale IPA is only 21 votes behind Oak-Aged Rye Squared.

Terrapin voting booth

Terrapin voting booth

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