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Social media has indeed changed the world as we once knew it.  Even the title of this post is the result of social media.  Which actually reads India Pale Ale day owned.  The hash tag is a result of Twitter while PWN comes from the online gaming world.  Back to the subject at hand, August 2nd marked the second annual IPA day.  IPA day started in 2011 by The Beer Wench, Ashley Rouston and friend Ryan Ross, in an effort to educate more people about craft beer.  It’s described as a

“grass-roots movement created to unite the voices of craft beer enthusiasts, bloggers, and brewers worldwide, using social media as the common arena for connecting the conversation together.”

Just like everything else in life, which each new year you have to try to go bigger or better.  I believe that was accomplished, I know we did our best to go for gold (if #IPAday was in the Summer Olympics that is).  But with that, and like everything else in the news lately, people think that they are entitled to force their opinion onto the masses.  Friend AJ posted about why he wasn’t ‘hopping’ on the bandwagon of #IPAday.  He brings a valid point, why have a day dedicated to a certain style while trying to educate the masses about craft beer.  There is already a craft beer week every year, so why not have #IPAday embedded in that week?  There’s no doubting that the IPA isn’t the flagship of the craft beer movement.  Ask most any guy or gal drinking good beer in a bar, pub or restaurant what their favorite style is and IPA will win hands down.  But Ashley has a great post over on Craftbeer.com about the style and while I’m knowledgeable of the style, until it’s put on paper or lcd monitor it’s hard to see how diverse the style truly is.  The BJCP organization has three categories of IPA, English, American and Imperial (double).  But the post lists another 11 ‘other’ IPAs, including Belgian, Black along with newer ones like White IPA and Session IPA.  White and Session have really begun to populate beer coolers the past half-year or so.  I’m fond of both styles too.

Another blogger by the name of Craft Suds tried to push his perspective of #IPAday over on The Beer Wench too.  His point of view was much the same in that it’s solely focused on social media.  The statistics that Ashley wrote about all involved how large of an event it was on the social media world, mainly Twitter.  He doesn’t see the point of it and asks how does that educate those not already in the loop.  He probably wasn’t expecting the face palm he got in return.  The most interesting fact and one that is large enough to confirm the sole purpose of #IPAday, to educate, was that Craftbeer.com saw 15k more site visits on Aug. 2 than any other typical day.  There’s a good chance that every one of those 15k visits learned something.

#IPAday beers

#IPAday beers

So you ask why all this fuss and nothing to show for it?  Well, we celebrated at our house this year. Chef Richard, Denver and Caleb all dropped in knowing the requirements of a secret handshake plus two bottle limit would gain entrance.  If we learned anything it’s that the youngest brewery represented was everyone’s favorite beer.  I opened a bottle of Nantahala Brewing Company‘s second Trail Magic bottle release.  This is only the second beer they’ve bottled and is a lemongrass DIPA.  It’s awesome and I’m glad they all agreed.  I have one more left along with their first release which was a barrel aged RIS.

One last side note on my level of nerd.  I made the list of most #IPAday tweets at 16.  Looking at my other Untappd check-ins, that could have been almost 20.  My last comment to Ashley and those involved in Stout Day, please PLEASE make it a Friday from now on.


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  1. To be honest, I didn’t expect her to comment on my post, but I’m glad she did. Her response is exactly what I expected, despite you saying, “[h]e probably wasn’t expecting the face palm he got in return.” I figure there are a lot of people questioning her motivation for #IPADay. I understand that she’s a craft beer advocate, but only talking about (mainly) Twitter stats makes it appear that she started a fake beer holiday solely as a popularity contest. After all, last year she bragged about how many new Twitter followers she had because of IPA Day. To me, it appears that the “event” was nothing more than a social media campaign started by a very self-important person; not about craft beer.

    • Sorry I’m late replying Danny. I agree somewhat on with your comments. Whether or not her motivations for establishing #IPAday is for her own good or not is not our job to place judgement. What matters is the results of her actions to establish it. I forget the number now off the top of my head, but the ‘extra’ views to craftbeer.com on that day is awesome. I was pretty swamped at work, but I wish I would have had time during the day to visit myself. Her post on all the different styles of IPAs was nice. While the BJCP will never view all of those as separate styles, us the consumer will. And if nothing else happens on #IPAday other than a bunch of us ‘beergeeks’ drinking a bunch of new IPAs, it’s still good for the craft beer industry. While I never refer to this during brewing, I must say it here, RDWHAHB.

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