Red Hare Brewing Co.

The best thing to come out of Cobb County is quite easily my wife.  I won’t say how many years, but some many years later Red Hare Brewing Company finds a place in Cobb County to call home.  One may ask why I’m posting again about Red Hare when they just recently hopped into Athens.  Sarah’s friend Amber and her fiance Ty invited us up for the day to visit the brewery for the first time on Cinco De Mayo.  We unfortunately didn’t get our usual Mexican fare for Cinco, but we did get #drunj de Mayo.  Well not exactly, but tweeting that was getting humorous replies and even a retweet from Red Hare themselves.

Red Hare in their infancy has already seen a small expansion, adding new barrels just last week, with one already filled.  The biggest reason for going on this day was a special Cinco De Mayo inspired cask.  Their Gangway IPA with cilantro, lime and jalapeno was calling our names.  I got primarily cilantro up front from the pour, with subtle pepper on the nose and a very soft mild heat on the back of the tongue.  The lime tingle was there, but well hidden under all the other commotion.  They even had chips and salsa out to pair with the cask.  Take notes other breweries, take notes.  If only I had a spicy jerk fish taco to eat with that cask pour.  The three main stays were all pouring along with an Experiment Ale, which was a wheat based beer brewed with pineapple.  I started with that over the cask so I wouldn’t burn my taste buds unknowingly.   After Sarah grabbed a few sips from my glass I was asked nicely to return up front and buy her a glass with tasting tickets.  Being sweet pays off and scored me a t-shirt.

Red Hare has a nice little placed tucked away in a small industrial area, as usual right?  The nice thing that stood out right away was a climate controlled tasting room since we had just visited Terrapin on Thursday, which is sans climate control.  Unless you count the few propane heaters in the winter.  Then again the Athens Greek culture doesn’t seem to mind.  The more I thought about it, both Red Brick and Sweetwater have a/c.  The brewery was nice and tidy too with out all the mountains of boxes and bottles.  But then again, they’re still only in kegs and those are all stored nicely in the cooler along with three fermentation tanks to lager in.  Or was that two fermentation tanks and one bright tank?  My mind is still sampling that Experiment Ale.  That space will change drastically when their canning line is in place and functioning.  Plus one to canning too as I will gladly take a picture of the first recycled Red Hare beer can that I find in our recycling plant.

Red Hare will tap their next Rabbit Reserve beer on June 2 at the brewery.  Word from Bobby the brewmaster is it’s a saison.  We talked briefly after I mentioned I brewed a saison last year, and yes, I was still cussing that yeast.  Hopefully, although the same day was Big Brew Day, which is always the first Saturday in May, I may get one last brew in this year.  Though the house is already at bottling temperature of 72-74 degrees, I’ll have to do some trickery to ferment an ale at 68.  The other big decision is what beer release to visit.  Red Hare on June 2, or Nantahala on June 8?

Stay tuned!  Cheers!

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