Red Hare hops into Athens

Red Hare release at Trappeze

Red Hare release at Trappeze

Typically people find new beer or a brewery has made it to their town by finding it in the cooler or on tap lists. I would say this is true of Athens too most of the time. That is unless Leon Farmer and Co. has signed with a new brewery. You may recall the post when Lazy Magnolia made it to Georgia (sorry Atlanta, you don’t always win the ‘First’ tag). It was kind of funny that the ATL group was seeing tags and check-ins of Lazy Mag and they couldn’t find any in their local stores. But back to the point, when Lazy Magnolia reached Athens, Trappeze Pub announced it and you could meet owner Leslie Henderson while trying the new beers.

So for Red Hare’s Athens release much was the same. Except the bigger deal here is they’re new to the scene, plus they’re a local Georgia brewery. So instead of a release, it was more of a parade. Red Hare along with Leon Farmer and Co. began announcing the parade route a day or two in advance. Denver and I opted to enjoy the parade from Trappeze as it passed around downtown. The group would start at Volstead, linger down to Pauley’s, then over to Trappeze Pub and finally back up the hill to Tapped (formerly Capital Room, though Capital Room is still next door). Just as you could imagine, hitting multiple bars to chat with local patrons while enjoying beer would make it tough to stick to a time line. So Pauley’s got skipped and reshuffled to after Trappeze. Good choice as we were sitting and chatting with Leon Farmer himself, along with Pine (works for Leon Farmer and Co.) at Trappeze.

Red Hare beers

Red Hare beers

It’s also a pleasure and informational to chat with a head brewer. Especially one that is so fresh to start-up and seeing if he has as much trouble brewing on a full-scale system as I do on a 5 gallon system. Red Hare release all three of the regular beers into Athens at once, a traditional English Brown ale, a lager and an IPA. After talking with head brewer Bobby Thomas he’s received some slightly negative feedback from who he says are the bloggers and the Decatur crowd. He said most of the comments revolve around some slight inconsistency between different batches of beer. Well, to me that’s understandable from a true start-up, but obviously not so much to a veteran consumer of craft beer. I will lend this, my opinion, is that all of them could have a little better attenuation, since they seem to have a slightly sweet finish.

Red Hare ears (photo courtesy of Kathleen Mansfield)

Red Hare ears
(photo courtesy of Kathleen Mansfield)

Next time you’re downtown look for Red Hare beers on tap. It should be easy to spot with the porcelain red rabbit ears tap handle. They are in the process of installing a canning system, so hopefully by Dawg season we’ll have some Red Hare beers to enjoy while tailgating.

Cheers to Bobby and the entire gang at Red Hare Brewing!

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