Athens Hopzilla cask

From time to time Athens is blessed with a special cask release from local brewery Terrapin Beer Co.  With Terrapin’s current demand and limit of vessels at the brewery, Athens hasn’t seen much of this of late.  Thankfully Terrapin is add another 100 barrels to their spot over at 265 Newton Bridge Rd.

Since we get an extra day to drink in February this year why not make it a cask of Hopzilla.  This marks the introduction of Hopzilla from a Side Project to part of the Monster Beer Tour.  Hopzilla is a big, delicious double IPA.  A year round series of their bigger beers that are not one-off production runs.  Not to be confused with their smaller seasonal beers.

The cask will tap at Hendershot’s Coffee Bar over on Oglethorpe Ave., next to Transmetropolitan.  Cask taps at 7pm and seeing the list of guests on Facebook,  I’d get there early.

See you there.

Terrapin Beer Co. Hopzilla

Terrapin Beer Co. Hopzilla


We tried to arrive early, but that just didn’t work out.  I was shocked when we pull into the Hendershot’s small parking lot and find an instant spot.  Once inside it’s as dead as it was in the parking lot.  I recognize a guy at the end of the bar as being at Terrapin every time we’re there.  I over hear him mention to a few others that walked in behind us that there will be no cask.  We walk over to order Sarah a coffee and I ask about the cask.  He was apologetic and gave us a couple of free brewery tour passes for coming out.  I notice that all of their taps are Terrapin, so I order a Gamma Ray to ease the sting of no Hopzilla cask.

As we’re leaving I see co-owner John Cochran was at the bar.  Later I ask him about the cask and his official reply was, “Delivery Malfunction.”  Now read into that all you want.  Maybe they dropped it?  With the news around Athens lately of drive-byes with a bb gum on cars and joggers, maybe it got jacked?  Either way they’ve had it on tap at the brewery since then, we just haven’t made it out there yet.

Good luck finding it and be careful with it; it’s hard to deliver.


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  1. I think the world is telling me to find and drink more cask ale. I think the finding is the hardest part.

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