Beer Run: Natty Greene’s Greensboro Brewpub

This may be my shortest post yet, but it’ll be the most direct one too.  After leaving Foothills Brewing for the release of Olde Rabbits Foot we decided to head in the wrong direction, but for a damn good reason.  Only 35 minutes east of Foothills is Natty Greene’s Pub and Brewing Company.  Before going out of our way for nothing, Denver made a quick phone call.  It’s only 10:30 or so Saturday morning, so we need to make sure they’re at least open.  We also wanted to know what they were pouring.

Natty Greene's

Natty Greene's

So here’s how the conversation went down.  Denver tells the young lady on the phone that we’re from out of town and were curious about eating lunch there.  She replies that that’s perfect, because they were actually already open.  Ha, ya think?  You answered the phone.  (I’m dumb enough to think any business would have an automated answer service.)  So he then asks what house beers they were pouring.  This is funny y’all.  She tells him, well, we’re pouring the house beers we’ve made here.  Gotcha!  Thanks for helping.

She does give us a few of the beers and we head that way.  We have no problem finding the place.  If the inside, food and beers compare to the outside visual appeal, then this is going to be good.  Two story building with a large outside patio area with table umbrellas.  Once inside it’s a little plainer than outside, but who cares.  Their tap list is somewhere around eight to twelve different haus biers.  She did say they were pouring their seasonal which was an IPA (odd), and while on the board list, actually isn’t being poured.  Oh well.

Natty Greene's

Natty Greene's

Denver and I both get the Summerfest Dortmunder Lager, which is my first dortmunder and it’s quite nice.  Pounder gets the Wildflower Wit and Whiff gets the Old School Brown.  I order the bbq sandwich and it’s superb.  Best bbq sandwich i’ve had in awhile.  Simply put, it’s worth the drive to check out for lunch or dinner.  My only dissapointment was the DIPA wasn’t pouring which I wanted to try on draft after smuggling a four pack back to GA on a previous NC trip.

Cheers!  Pints Up!

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