6 pack education

style list

style list

How about a six pack that educates you and has a working function all the while you enjoy some good craft beer?  No, the education isn’t learning how far you can flip a bottle cap.  And no, the function isn’t becoming a good dancer while sharing your mix six pack.  Leon Farmer and Company has introduced mix six packs into some local craft beer stores around Athens.  To supplement the ease of carrying Leon Farmer and Co., along with help from Brian Roth, Sr VP, Director of New Brands and Marketing, designed an educational, and surprising functional carrier.

process map

process map

All four sides of the carrier, including the bottom, have useful information for the new beer lover.  And even useful information for the aged veterans and homebrewers.  One end lists all the major BJCP ale and lager styles with a short description.  The other end has a beer tasting sheet to write down any tasting notes you may like to capture.  Along with a brix and abv scale, plus a table with the amount of pints in each size of keg.

One side has a process map of the brewing process at a brewery.  This same side has a list of proper glassware and the styles of beer to pour in each.  People often wonder why you would need a different type of glass, or a glass at all.  Glassware enhances the features of a beer.  For starters it allows you to see it.  I like to see what a beer has to offer.  Is it clear, does the color match BJCP guideline for the style, or is there any yeast?  It’s much easier to smell in a glass than a bottle.  If you’re drinking a light domestic you might not care what it smells like.  If it’s a nice coffee stout with a deep tan head, pour it into a snifter to really enjoy the big coffee aroma.

hops and flavor wheel

hops and flavor wheel

The bottom of the carrier is a homebrewer’s essentials.  A flavor wheel used to identify off flavors or even good flavors you’re picking up from the beer.  The biggest benefit that I enjoy is the hop list.  Broken into categories by region and even has all four Noble hops listed in their own category.  So if you’re enjoying a beer with Noble hops, you now know which they may be.  Try to educate yourself on which hops have which aromas and tastes.

head ruler

head ruler

The function of the box?  There’s a ruler to use when the box is stood on end to measure the amount of head on a standard pint glass.  Finally another use for a 3″ ruler right?  Ales should be poured with a 1″ head, while lagers should have a 1.5″ head.  This is to release the carbonation in the beer.  Which is exactly why you burp more when drinking from a bottle and not pouring yourself a nice pint.

So grab yourself a carrier the next time you’re out shopping for a variety of craftbeer from our friends at Leon Farmer and Company.


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