Dogfish Head takes over Aromas

Aroma's Wine Bar


When people hear Athens and bars in the same sentence, most associate downtown, college kids and yellow draft beer.  While thats all true, there is however a few exceptions. One of those being in the area known as Five Points.  While yes, Five Points Bottle Shop is a known Athens hot spot for a huge array of craftbeer, they also own Aromas Wine Bar.  Aromas is just a hop, skip and a crosswalk away from the bottle shop.  They also have 10 taps, all of which are always pouring the finest and rarest selection of craftbeer in town.

A few Wednesdays back, June 15, Aromas allowed Dogfish Head, brewers of ‘Off-Centered Ales, for Off-Centered People’, to take over all 10 taps.  DFH is widely known for their 60 minute IPA.  Although 60 min. didn’t make an appearance, and why would it?  This is Aromas, you can get 60 minute at every corner Golden Pantry in town.  The big brother, 90 minute IPA was on tap, but the biggest brother 120 minute IPA, thanks to Georgia’s archaic laws, was not present.  Georgia’s abv limit is 13%, with 120 min being 18%, it’s not allowed.  The biggest hurdle was trying to decide which DFH ales to try, as most pour  above 6-8% abv.  With the wife out of town, and being a distance from the house, I had to be responsible.  Thankfully Aromas is brilliant in offering 3 oz pours.  Here’s the full list:

Randall - image courtesy of Chops & Hops

Randall - image courtesy of Chops & Hops

  • My Antonia – Imperial Pilsner 7.5%
  • Black & Blue – Belgian Golden with blackberries and blueberries 10%
  • Palo Santo Marron – Oak aged Brown ale 12%
  • Namaste – Belgian White Ale with orange peel, lemongrass and coriander 5%
  • Midas Touch  – Turkish Ancient Ale 9%
  • Chateau Jiahu – Chinese Ancient Ale 10%
  • Theobrama – Honduras Ancient Ale 10%
  • Festina Peche – Berliner Weisse with Peaches 4.5%
  • Aprihop – IPA with apricot 7%
  • 90 Min – IPA on RANDALL with mango, clove and cardamon 9%

The beer geeks would have caught this, but for those that didn’t.  The real treat to this take over was the 90 Min on Randall.  What is a Randall?  In its basic form, it’s an inline water filter with two chambers.  The first chamber houses the extra ingrediants.  Think infused vodka or water.  The second chamber holds ice to chill the beer down again.  It’s design doesn’t water down the beer, only chills it.  So now all the talk is who is building or buying a Randall first.  Chef / co-owner Richard Miley of Chops & Hops looks to be the front runner.

photo courtesy of Aroma's Wine Bar

photo courtesy of Aroma's Wine Bar

This night was all about the pours.  Yet another surprise slipped in on us.  A typical southern summer thunderstorm popped in on us.  The attention went from the beer to the transformer outside that was struck by lightning and kept exploding.  Thankfully there is a beautiful fire station in the heart of Five Points.  Needless to say, we were in the dark the rest of the night.  Yet Aroma’s kept the pours of DFH coming.  Aroma’s Wine Bar is also hosting their 2nd annual Funky Fest on July 9th.  Be sure to check it out for the sour side of beer life.


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