Beer Growler: Free Glass Wednesday

I read a quote from Jimmy Fallon the other day that went something like this.  “Thank you microbreweries for making my alcoholism seem like a cool hobby.”  (My wife is literally going to kick my ass for saying that)  The same quote can now apply to The Beer Growler if you enjoy drinking good draft beer, or have a glass collecting fetish.  This is from their latest email:

We just Tapped Lost Abbey Avant Garde Ale. We are giving away a free Lost Abbey glass ($6 Value) with a Growler fill of this delicious Brew!

A Fill is just $16. Glasses are limited so come on by if you want one of tehse glasses for your collection.

We will be tapping a special keg every Wednesday!  You will receive a free paired glass with whatever special beer we tap for that day.



The Beer Growler
I’m just returning from a business trip to Alabama, which was bust on the craftbeer front.  Then again, I went to get some work done, not enjoy myself.  So it was nice to receive that email and see the Facebook post just before returning home.

Lost Abbey Avante Garde

Lost Abbey Avante Garde

Once I was home, I changed into shorts, water the flowers then hit the road.  I hung out with Paul for a while since I haven’t been in lately.  He reaffirmed that this is a every Wednesday deal, dubbed, Free Glass Wednesday.  Several known growler shops out of state have a rare beer day during the week.  This drives customers in during the week, and not just on the weekends.  When you’re advertising free glassware, it may or may not be a rare beer.  Because some brewers may not keg some of their rare beers, actually saving them for bottle conditioning.

bierde de garde & saison

bierde de garde & saison

Speaking partically about this weeks beer, Lost Abbey Avant Garde, a biere de garde.  These are similar to a Belgian Saison, although this French version obviously uses different yeasts and ferment out before the heat of summer.  The Lost Abbey glass, as Paul puts it, is probably the less appealing glass that will be available.  I will say however, it’s made for drinking with a wide mouth and is easily held by the hand.

Something else new at The Beer Growler is the bottle rinser.  Used after sanitizing to rinse the growlers just before filling.  This saves water and it’s super cold water, so it gives the growler a nice chill to go along with the chilled kegs.  Keeping your craftbeer nice and cold aids to keeping it as fresh as possible.
I’m just returning from Alabama and leaving for England in two days.  Work has to go on, so the Belgian Siason homebrew has finally finished fermenting after 24 days.  Since it’s akin to a biere de garde, they had a family photo shoot.

growler rinser

growler rinser

England will be 10 hour work days and I don’t have international calling or data usage on my iPhone.  Which totally sucks not being to call Sarah or check in pints on Untappd.  I hope to take some pics when we are out for dinner.  I hear the hotel is worth a few pictures on it’s own.
Until I swim back across the pond,

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