Nothing better than drinking another’s homebrew

Denver's Centennial IPA

Denver's Centennial IPA

It’s Sunday and I have ingredients for two recipes in the pseudo beer cellar (aka a closet).  I wanted to brew today, but I haven’t started propagating my liquid yeast yet.  So I may do that tonight and brew during the week.  This may be a grave mistake, but screw it, I’m still young.  I can handle a full day of work on a few hours of sleep.  Of course that next day will probably pertain to  doing extreme things on the shortest of notice.  That’s why they make coffee and Red Bull right?

Today is the first day of Spring and it’s a nice cool 68F.  A perfect day to brew.  The previous two days saw highs in the 80’s.  Mother Nature listens about as good as three year olds.  I’ve spent the previous two hours on the front porch with Twitter and a buddies homebrew.  He entered three beers into the Peach State Brew Off.  If you recall from the previous post, I entered one and finished 4th of 11 in the American Pale Ale category.  My buddy Denver actually won bronze with his hefeweizen.  Not sure where the other two placed, but they didn’t trophy.

Denver's hefeweizen

Denver's hefeweizen

It’s a gloomy day out, or the pictures of the beers would look much better.  The hefe tasted and smelled like those in the beer coolers at the local Kroger.  No wonder it placed third.  The flavor faded a bit and the clarity was almost too good.  But all around a damn good beer.  I may wash my hair with the other bottle later tonight.

Next up was his Centennial IPA.  As the name greatly describes, this is an India Pale Ale brewed with all Centennial hops.  The color to me was a bit dark, and the flavor followed the darkness.  This isn’t a bad thing since it was a tasty IPA.  While Denver could tell us differently, I think there is a tad bit of caramel C60 malt in this brew.  Sixty describes the color of the malt.  An American pilsner would be around the 4% SRM color.  A Guinness would be around 80% SRM.  If that helps you any.  One thing about IPAs is that the head should be big, not large and out of the glass.  It should also have lacing after almost every taste.  I would say Denver didn’t lose points in this part of the scoring.

IPA glass lacing

IPA glass lacing

Lastly was Denver’s, as he describes it ‘thrown together’ version of an ESB.  This some say is the English version of an IPA, dubbed Extra Special Bitter.  These beers should be built using all English malts and all English hops.  Along with an English inspired yeast strain.  Not sure what aroma hop was used, but it’s vaguely similar to Centennial hops.  Or that pleasant aroma is stuck in my nose hairs from his previous homebrew?  While Denver basically told me it was crap, I found it to be quite enjoyable.  Sure, it’s no award winner, but it’s not far off either.

Denver and I have committed to rebrew these and find another competition to enter them in before the Peach State Brew Off next year.  We’ll keep you posted.

Denver's ESB

Denver's ESB

Cheers on this Sunday Funday!

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