Finally something worth blogging about

After a long hiatus from this here blog, something has finally happened worth talking about.  This is ofcourse all beer related happenings.  My birthday at the end of January was quite enjoyable.

Birthday growlers

Birthday growlers

We had quite a few over and most if not all gifted me with beer.  The best of that bunch would have to be the Pseudo Depth Charge bought by our friends Jason and Kristy Bro, along with the growler koozie.

Shortly after the birthday we went on a trip with friends to NC.  So once again I went calling to Beer Growler for some fills to share on the trip.  On a whim I had Lagunitas Cappuccino Stout blended equally with Terrapin Moo Hoo Stout.  It ended up being quite tasty and everyone enjoyed it.  I had to rush home to finish packing and get on the road.  But the next day this picture came across the interwebs.  Quite nice having my Twitter name on the slate for all to see.  I can’t 100% confirm, but I might be the first to be posted.  But I know I’m not the first to have a blend.

RLShock blend

RLShock blend

My last blog was on batches 12 and 13, an American Pale Ale and a Cherry Wheat, respectively.  I’ve entered the pale ale into the Peach State Brew Off.  Not with high expectations, but mainly for a professional grading.  I’ll blog a review on both of those later.  As well as some reviews of a recent homebrew swap with my buddy Denver.  But on to the real worthiness of this blog.

Last night was a real treat for those of us in Athens gee-aye (G.A.).  It was the release of Lazy Magnolia‘s entire beer line-up at Trappeze Pub downtown.  Being, as they quote, Mississippi’s Brewery, they are restricted to 6% ABV by state law.  This makes their beers enjoyable by the masses.  Masses as in getting more people into quality craft beer and masses as in multiple.  While I wouldn’t consider 6% sessionable.  I would consider it enjoyable by a few +/- 3.  (That’s six to me.)  I of course started with the signature Southern Pecan.  A brief history profile on me.  I don’t care much for brown ales, wholly because I really don’t like nuts.  Pecan, being Southern by the grace of God, would be my most enjoyable nut.  Macadamia, after honeymooning in Hawaii, would be my next favorite.  After being introduced to owner/head brewer Leslie Henderson, Denver and I asked about this great brew and how she pulled it off.  Her secret, which she didn’t speak much about.  Not that I blame her, but was to lightly roast the pecans and mash in with them.  Next I went for my passion, the Reb Ale, their pale ale.  Nice, solid example of a pale ale.  Then I chose the Jefferson Stout, which is brewed with… sweet potatoes.  I’m starting to like stouts and porters more than ever and this one really shined.  It was obvious upfront you could get the sweet potato.  Lots of people were saying how good the Indian Summer was.  I should have tried it, but then again, I was driving home (way later) and glad I stopped there.

Eric Johnson & Leslie Henderson

Eric Johnson & Leslie Henderson *photo courtesy of Leon Farmer and Co.

The other treat was to finally meet Eric Johnson, owner of Trappeze Pub and co-owner/brewer for Wild Heaven Craft Beers.  I’ve seen and spoken to Eric on numerous occasions at Trappeze, but never actually met him.  Great guy, no doubt.  He was saying they’re a couple months away from bottle distribution.  So even more exciting news during the night.

After Sarah showed, we had a great beer conversation dinner with Denver and Calib.  So that’s pretty much the gist of last night.  I plan to blog again soon.  Next might be reviews of Denver’s homebrews.  Then follow that up with reviews on batch 12 & 13 along with the review of batch 12 from The Peach State Brew Off.


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