Lost in Athens? Need a beer?

Athens craft beer map

Athens craft beer map

Athens, Georgia has never shied away from being considered a drinking town.  With a college right in downtown, that on numerous occasions have been tagged as #1 party school in the nation, and a plethora of bars to compliment, there’s no short supply of suds.  Also as the nation turns it’s nose up on common domestic beer and looks for a more premium beverage, there has to be an easier to find craft beer.  Daily, including today, the local newspaper runs police blotters on underage kids being arrested downtown for DUI or possession of alcohol.  Today was a kid from Atlanta that’s already drafted by a MLB team.  So either college kids can’t get lost, or they’ve found their way already?

While most locals will confess they don’t need a map, because they’ve found the spots by word of mouth, or smell of nose, what have you.  It’s the non-locals, or implants, that need some help.  So I made a map.  Well, I just pinned locations to a map.

Google maps: http://goo.gl/maps/A7NI Athens, Georgia craft beer map – Locations on where to buy, drink or sample the best  craft beer Athens has to offer.

I currently have 19 different locations on the map.  I plan to grow seeing as how I’ve left out plenty of good spots.  There’s two breweries (1 brewery, 1 brewpub), four beer stores (counting The Beer Growler), one homebrew shop and 12 beer bars.  Most if not all include dining options.

But I’m not the only with a beer map of Athens.  There is also beermapping.com.  They have an iPhone app, and more than likely an Android app also.  I’ve used this multiple times while out of town, or planning trips out of town.  So if you’re ‘beer lost’ somewhere else, they can help.  Some may ask why I’ve made a map when there’s one already out there?  Well, mine has 19 locations, there map has 11.  One of those is a misspelled Trappeze, spelt Trapeze, so call it 10.



For a couple of highlights.

  • Trappeze Pub – A 2 page draft list and 30+ page bottle list that is ever changing.  Owner Eric Johnson co-founded Wild Heaven Brewery in Decatur, GA.  Frequent beer dinners & cask events.  Small, but great food menu.  Get the fish and chips, my favorite.
  • Royal Peasant – Formerly Mean Bean mexican restaurant is now Royal Peasant.  A truly authentic English Pub, featuring menu items like Bangers and Mash amongst others.  Their draft list always has one or two English ales along with select American craft beer offerings.  Try the fish and chips here also.
  • Chops and Hops – An Oconee county sized version of a gastro pub.  Awesome food menu with an ever changing draft list.  Usually 3 constant drafts to choose or around 10 other drafts that are constantly changing.  The bottle list is quite impressive too and changes often as well.  A MUST TRY!
Royal Peasant fish n chips w/ a pint

Royal Peasant fish n chips w/ a pint

If you are lost in the 5 Points area of Athens, you must try Royal Peasant.  Their fish n chips stand up against all the other offerings around town.  My favorites are Royal Peasant, Trappeze Pub and The Globe.  If you have another spot that has them, let me know.  If you have some locations around town that has a good selection of craft beer, send me a Tweet.

Have fun getting lost around town.


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