Georgia Theatre: rebuilt to rock

Ga Theatre north view

Ga Theatre north view

How many times have you heard the phrase, “You’ll never miss it until it’s gone.”?  I can say I felt this way on June 19, 2009 as the historic and famed Georgia Theatre burned in downtown Athens, GA.  There have a many artists to go through here.  REM, B-52’s, Jennifer Nettles in her many bands, now lead singer for Sugarland.  Probably the biggest act I saw would have been Dirks Bentley.  But just as that phrase keeps coming, so does history.  The Ga Theatre is being rebuilt.  Thankfully, if there is a positive to gain from this, only the inside was gutted from the fire.  The exterior still stands, as it did before the fire, albeit with steel I-beams as support now.

Ga Theatre south view

Ga Theatre south view

While most of Athens doesn’t agree on needing another parking deck.  Which I could think of 100 other things that I’d like to see.  If the city is willing to pour money into ‘a slight helping’ to rebuild the theatre, by all means, put in a deck.  The deck is designed to be retail and restaurant use on the bottom.  The deck and the theatre are being designed to accommodate a roof top bar.  There’s already a new tapas bar next door known as Flights.  There’s still plenty of surrounding spots to fill the empty stomach void.  Recently over the Christmas Holidays, Sarah and I, took advantage of the fewer full parking spots and enjoyed lunch at The Globe.  The Globe sits across Clayton St. from Ga Theatre and I’m not sure which was there first.  Both have their long list of regulars.  The Globe poses a nice craft beer list along with a regular food menu with some fine fish and chips.  The Globe burger is a favorite amonst many revelers.  On this day the daily special was a meatloaf sandwich.  Meatloaf being one of my favorite homemade meals, I had to try it.  We have noticed the past two visits others enjoying the nachos.  We’re absolutely going back for these, as they look great.

The Globe meatloaf sandwich

The Globe meatloaf sandwich

So lately there has been buzz from photos being posted by Ga Theatre’s Twitter feed, Twitter/GaTheatre.  They’ve been showing pictures of pouring the concrete for the stages, etc.  At the rate they have been going, they’re hoping for a soft opening in the spring time.  Also to come out of their feed today was a documentary opening at Beechwood Cinemas on January 14.  Not sure the length or the content, but if you’re of interest, only one way to find out.

Something else that has happened to help rebuild the theatre is from Terrapin Beer Company.  They have, at this time, fully introduced a four bottle series called The Georgia Theatre Sessions.  Each of them represent a time period of the theatre.  Check out Terrapin’s site for more about each of them.  For each of the sessions there is a golden ticket which is worth life long free entry to the theatre for the lucky winner and one guest.  Well worth the $13.99 cost per 22 oz. bottle.  All four series have been released and yet is there a single golden ticket found.  So grab what you can when you find it.  I think the last bottle, Hoptaneous Combustion, a smoked double IPA, is the best of the series.  But don’t let that stop you from trying all four.  Or do as I plan to do.  I’m planning a four course meal, each course planned to compliment one of the four sessions, although not in order of release.  Unless I do a five course meal and use another Terrapin beer as the dessert beer, ala Moo Hoo maybe?  I may supply the beer and ask others to design the course.  So who’s in?

Terrapin sessions

Terrapin sessions

This post is quite a bit late and 2011, a.k.a. the year of beer, is well under way already.  I’ve brewed once this year, with another session coming soon.  There are new breweries distributing to Georgia, the state of pre-prohibition laws.  A.J.  and I met up with our ladies for some Substance Abuse at Terrapin Brewery this Wednesday.  Terrapin has begun to release special brews only available on Wednesday.  If this is to draw in more people on hump day, I think it’s working.

So until next time…


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