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Tap List

Tap List

Back on December 11 a new and very unique beer store opened in Athens, GA.  Yes, we’re all quite aware that Athens is a drinking town with a football problem.  So there are multiple beer stores along each of the major roads, strip malls and shopping centers.  For the first time in state history, a growler store has opened in Georgia.  Beer Growler is owned and operated by three great guys.  Denny Young, Sean Gavin and Paul Sanders have done the unthinkable.  While there are multiple blogs out there already, even a fellow beer buddy, AJ, (read about it here: has done a lot to talk about the legality of Beer Growler.  So I won’t go into all that.

Southern Tier UnEarthly

Southern Tier UnEarthly

What I will talk about is the 20 different taps and the affordability of the growlers amongst other things.  They’ve seemed to have worked out the kinks of running a store based off of Co2.  The guys were smart enough to have a soft opening, which was delayed some hours before getting the Co2 worked out.  They’re planning a grand opening sometime in January with some special taps to be in the line-up.  So basically a growler is a 64oz jug.  The catch?  It’s refillable.  Hoo Ray!  You can purchase a Beer Growler growler for $4 or bring in your own.  Fills range from $9 t0 $25.  So far they’ve been swapping out kegs weekly by the rate of 1 or 2 per week.  Maybe even 3 this week.  Southern Tier Pumking was put up a couple of days ago.  We’re all wondering how fast it’ll go, as that’s a solid brew.  Thanks to the guys at Leon Farmer and Co. here in Athens on getting that additional keg of Pumking in town so late after the season has passed.  Seems they are keeping five taps of Terrapin up at all times.  Us buy local – drink local sorts appreciate that.  I’ve managed to fit a fill of Wake n Bake into my own line-up already.  Beers come from every end of the spectrum.  Breweries like New Belgium, Avery, Dogfish Head, Highlands and Allagash, along with the others I’ve mentioned already.

bottle selection

bottle selection

Beer Growler even has a selective range of bottles available for purchase.  While I must say there’s nothing in the great selection that isn’t available elsewhere in town.  I’m much more apt to buy a beer from someone that notices me when I walk in the door, than someone that only notices me when I’m waiting to pay.  I however am undecided on which I would try first.  Would I buy a bottle to give a beer a go?  Or would I buy a growler to try a beer for the first time?  If you can’t make your mind up, feel free to ask any of the guys there.  And so far at least 2 of the 3 have always been in the store while I’m there.  They all seem quite knowledgeable about all the beers on the list.

So, if I didn’t sell a visit to Beer Growler to you, then decide on your own how great fresh draft beer is on your own.  Keep the growler cooled constantly and it’ll stay fresh for a couple of days.  Most breweries (in other states ofcourse) can sell growler fills will tell you to consume within 24 hours of purchase for optimum freshness.  I haven’t noticed a change in the first 48 hours.  You can still pour a head after three or four days.  Give the guys a visit at 1059 Baxter Street, next to Gosford Wine.  I can only imagine how busy they’ll be next year during football season with people pouring in before going tailgating.

Incase you’re wondering, I’m looking to buy an all grain set-up soon and brew immediately after.


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