Chocolate milk lovers; we found the cow.

My first Moo Hoo

My first Moo Hoo

People have long pondered the fact of what color cow chocolate milk comes from.  I love chocolate milk.  I could care less what color the cow is.  Unless it’s tainted milk of course.  So for beer lovers, nonhomebrewers, it’s how you make a beer sweet.  Well, it’s with a chocolate milk producing cow.  Yes!  Really!  Ok, maybe not.  It’s from lactose, which is an unfermentable sugar that’s found in milk.  Sorry to all those lactose hating folks out there.  This might not be the beer for you.  But for the rest of us, we’re loving Winter right now.  Even if our house was 56F this morning.  Ok, Sarah might not love that.  But Moo Hoo is a new chocolate milk stout from Terrapin Beer Company.  This is the first year they’ve done official seasonals, and Moo Hoo is the three month winter seasonal.

I say official seasonal beers, because they have long done the Monster Beer Tour.  Which now consists of five different beers that rotate when they are brewed here in Athens, GA.  As far as seasonal beers, Summer now brings six months of Sunray wheat.  Yes we have six months of Summer in the south.  Fall is Pumpkinfest season.  Winter, as you might have guessed is Moo Hoo time.

If you’ve been in the know, or been keeping up with WortandYeast on Twitter or WordPress, then you’re aware it’s been out for a couple of weeks now.  Whether by tap locally, in Atlanta, or by knowing someone that knows someone that steals from someone.  Ok, so the stealing part was a bad movie reference.

home made pecan cinnamon rolls

home made pecan cinnamon rolls

For those that aren’t as privileged as us southerners, Terrapin Beer Company‘s Moo Hoo chocolate milk stout is a 6% sweet stout.  It’s brewed with lactose sugar and Olive & Sinclair cocoa nibs and shells.  You can actually find Olive & Sinclair in Whole Foods stores in Atlanta and other areas.  Even Sarah got excited about this dark beer.  Until she finally tried it.  She stated it tasted smokey, which is actually the roasted barley she’s tasting.  After a few sips she started to liken to it and said she might be able to finish one.  I think her palette was pretty neutral at the moment.  One suggestion to pair with a sweet milk stout would be these homemade pecan cinnamon rolls with icing.  Damn they were delicious.  The recipe is in the October 2010 issue of Southern Living, a staple magazine in our house.

fermenter blow-off

fermenter blow-off

Another favorite that’s ready to be out soon is the 2010 release of Wake ‘n Bake, Terrapin’s Coffee Imperial Stout.  This stout is brewed with local roaster and coffee shop franchise, Jittery Joe’s Wake ‘n Bake blend.  Which is currently in my Cuisinart grinder/brewer coffee machine.  Damn tasty coffee!  The guy pouring samples at the brewery the other night mentioned something I hadn’t previously thought of.  When Wake ‘n Bake is fresh, Moo Hoo will still be on tap, ready to mix in a glass.  Hopefully, beer geeks every where will flock to the brewery for this made on the fly version of the Terrapin/Left Hand collaboration brew Depth Charge.  However this will be a more subtle version, as Depth Charge beans are roasted more than Wake ‘n Bake beans.

One last thing on Terrapin.  Tripadvisor recently listed their top 10 brewery tours.  Our local favorite comes in at #7.  Here’s the excerpt:

7. Hop-Filled Flavors: Terrapin Brew Company, Athens, Georgia

For travelers seeking to soak up some sweet sounds with their cold brews, Terrapin Brew Company offers live music and a festive atmosphere. The brewery, which introduced its first beer in 2002, runs educational tours and tastings Thursday through Saturday evenings, offering visitors a sneak-peek at the 40,000 square foot brewing facilities. Entry is $10 and includes a souvenir pint glass and tasting tickets.

Incase you’re worried about visiting during cold months, then don’t.  We were recently told they’re ordering six heaters to place inside for the cold months.  Visit Terrapin any Wednesday through Saturday from 5:30 – 7:30.

Only another hour on the Atlanta brisket.  Just enough time for another Moo Hoo on this Lazy Day.



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