Denver coffee stout

Not that Denver.  A buddy of mine that homebrews also.  He’s an all grain brewer that also kegs his brew.  The rich kids have all the nice toys right?  Denver recently poured off four bottles of his all grain coffee stout and gave them to me during Terrapin’s Hop Harvest Festival.

Denver's Coffee Stout

Denver's Coffee Stout

This was made with 6 ounces of Jittery Joe’s Depth Charge added to the bottling bucket.  This was the first homebrew I’ve tasted since I’ve started brewing myself.  It leads me to believe that I need to get into all grain brewing sooner, or Denver has mad skills.  Which I don’t doubt, but I can’t blow the kids head up with just one bottle.  It poured with a very small tan head that ran away fast.  Fast like by the time the bottle hit the granite it was gone.  My only minor dislike was the taste after it warmed.  A very strong alcohol bite greated the tongue and the tonsils.  As well as the belly.  This won’t be bad when the weather is a bit colder, like possibly this weekend.

Unfortunately I didn’t uphold my end of the bargain.  I consumed or handed out all of my Rye pale ale before I could get any to Denver.  I now have a pumpkin ale that’s about to get bottled and a vanilla mocha stout that’s going to secondary soon.  Sorry Denver.

Now onto more important things… Like this Britney Spears episode of Glee.  Yawn.


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