Pumpkin party

So the season is starting to ramp up.  Unfortunately, I’m not talking about Georgia football.  Don’t even get me started on that subject.  Politics and college football, the two things I refuse to start a conversation about.  Beer on the other hand, is always a great subject for almost any place.  Except on Sundays.  This is a huge week for beer here in Georgia.  We have a new brewer starting up, Wild Heaven Craft Beers.  With beer being sold beginning today, Sept. 14, 2010.  Bottles available later this year, and a stand alone brewery in Decatur by 2013.  You can find out more about the big state happenings on fellow beergeek, Wort and Yeast‘s blog.

Wyeast Lab

Wyeast Lab

First an update on the homebrew front.  Wyeast Lab came through for me.  If you remember my first brew of the season, we had a yeast problem.  Midwest sent some dead biscuits.  I Tweeted for help, then picked up a fresh smack pack of Wyeast 1099 Whitbread from the local homebrew shop Blockader.  Evan hooked me up for the cheap.  Wyeast Lab came through with a package that dropped on the front porch today.  So our pumpkin ale 2010 is fermenting.  I’m planning the next brew in a nice new T-shirt with some free yeast waiting on me.  There’s not a better feeling than being paid for just being loyal.  Companies need loyal customers.  Customers want loyal companies.  Win – win.

Now for what I think is going to be the ultimate September event.  For hopefully years to come, will be at Terrapin Beer Co.  This will be their inaugural Hop Harvest Festival.  They’re harvesting their very own hop vines, as well as debuting a new Side Project beer called So Fresh and So Green, Green.  Looks to be a great time with six casks available also.

Pumking and Punkin

Pumking and Punkin

To subdue us for the next 10 days, Sarah and I hit up Trappeze Pub in downtown Athens for our weekly date night.  I don’t complain one bit about going out on a Tuesday when it involves this.  It was Pumpkin Festival.  Featuring several pumpkin beers from different breweries at once.  Unfortunately there was one beer that wasn’t on the tap yet.  They also didn’t have flights available, or the special menu items to pair with the pumpkin beers.  All that aside, it was still fun to hang out and relax with Sarah while introducing her to a new beer at the same time.  She started off with what our waiter, also a fellow homebrewer, and I suggested, the Southern Tier Pumpking.  An imperial pumpkin beer available here for the first time in Georgia.  I started with an old favorite, Dogfish Head Punkin Ale.  A brown ale brewed with pumpkin and spices.  The waiter and I were discussing how amazing the Pumpking was, and how they’re beers are amazing in general.  I blogged about this beer before and how the color is amazing.  My next choice was a first, the Weyerbacher Imperial Pumpkin Ale.  A much darker beer with amazing aroma.  The pumpkin however hides behind the small alcohol bite and huge malt sweetness.  Boasting a much darker color, the burgundy hue shows itself in the proper light.  One of my favorite pumpkins wasn’t on tap and it’s disappointing.  The Heavy Seas Mutiny Fleet Great Pumpkin is one of the best imperial pumpkins there is.



Last but not least, our final taste of the night relates to our beginning topic.  Co-founder of Wild Heaven Beer and owner of Trappeze Pub, Eric Johnson, earlier this year debuted two house brews.  Well these are the first two beers for Wild Heaven.  My sampling was of the Ode to Mercy, an imperial oak aged coffee brown ale.  Made with 1000 Faces coffee from none other than Athens.  Unique in that most browns feature a malty and nutty taste.  Those are mild and blend well with the oak aging and coffee taste.  Cheers and best of luck to Wild Heaven on their continued launch.

Our next brew will happen sometime around Hop Harvest Fest.  So the season is only just getting started.  Stay tuned.


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