Awesome beers

According to, awesome can mean one of forty different things.  The definitions of awesome is amazing.  However it could mean awe-inspiring or awful.  It could mean something else or zero cool.  The following four brews absolutely fall into one of those awesome synonyms.

Oxymoron Midnight Project

Oxymoron Midnight Project

Oxymoron: This is the third installment of collaboration beers from Left Hand Brewing Company and Terrapin Beer Company.  This brew follows the widely popular second beer that was Depth Charge.  An espresso milk stout made from Left Hand’s Milk Stout and Terrapin Beer Company’s Wake and Bake Stout with Jittery Joe’s espresso coffee.  Oxymoron is just that.  LH/TBC make great beers.  This one?  Not so much.  Initial bitterness is good, quickly goes wrong.  Almost taste likes it’s infected.  Some common Oxymorons:  Same difference, Pretty ugly, Safe risks, which Left Hand and Terrapin assumed with an India Pale Lager.  My favorite, failed success.  Yet this is a successful fail.  We all knew it would be tough following Depth Charge, to make another great Midnight Project beer.  My suggestions for the next Midnight Project beer?  Less is more!  Yes, that’s another oxymoron.

DFH Bitches Brew

DFH Bitches Brew

Bitches Brew:  Dogfish Head brewed this up in honor of Miles Davis’ 40th anniversary of the Bitches Brew album.  Coming in at 9% ABV and 38 IBU in a 750 mL bottle, it’s just what you would expect of an imperial stout.  Brewed with honey and gesho root, I was really digging the honey.  It kills some of the blandness of the stout.  There’s some kind of root, gesho, I think I mentioned.  I hope it’s not like the roots I had while on vacation in Dominican Republic.  Or I’m blogging from the mens room right now.  It’s as dark as Miles Davis.  I’m new to the dark beers, thought it’s obvious there’s lots of roasted malt on the nose.  Pours a thick, rich chocolate milk head, that finally seems to fade into beer.  A nice beer to enjoy cool on a cool Georgia night.

STBC Imperial Pumking

STBC Imperial Pumking

Pumking: Wow!  Today being Sept. 11 (Never Forget), and me brewing my pumpkin ale on Sept. 5, I can only dream that mine turns out this well.  The color of this beer is what all beer, yes, even a domestic that shares the same SRM as a ginger ale, should be.  I swear I’m eating a semi-sweet candy corn.  What I love about Southern Tier is that they put there malt and hops on the bottle.  I ponder the percentage of caramel malt to 2-row to get this color.  9% ABV means this will be a fun All Hallows Eve.  Our front porch pumpkin will greatly resemble the Pumking.  Minus the crown.  Unless ofcourse I can find some of those car incense the boys rode with around 1995.  I’m sure everyone remembers the crowns riding on the back dash of all those Cutlass Supremes.  By the way Southern Tier, thank you for the poly labels on your imperial bottles.  Easy removal means easier bottling days.

Founder's Nemesis 2010

Founder's Nemesis 2010

Nemesis 2010: Founder’s doesn’t even put the description on the bottle, or the pack.  Only to say it’s going to be different and awesome each and every year.  It smells of caramel and molasses.  Pour a solid black with a hint of maroon.  I poured hard to generate a small, dark and tan head that dissapeared into the black heavenly abyss quickly.  Head retention is firm and permanent.  Weighing in with 100 IBUs and 12% ABV at a cost of $4.69/single at Village Wine.  Which is only selling singles since they only have five cases.  5 Points Bottle has 4 packs at $18.99, or they actually have three kegs at $185 each.  Which they made sure to point out was only $3/beer.  Warm alcohol bite from tip to tonsils.  These 100 IBUs are not hidden by the high amount of alcohol.  Which is usually the norm, that high malt sweetness tames the hop bitterness.  I must say that Nemesis 2010 is my beer of the year so far.

There are a few more beers to be released this year.  Let’s see if anything can out drink the Nemesis 2010 for the title of Beer of the Year – 2010.

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