Mini beer vacay

Harbour Town

Harbour Town

So Sarah and I are just getting home from the 2nd annual family vacation.  She grew up going to PCB every Summer to her granddad’s condo.  Now her dad’s kids both have families, he’s taking them to the beach every Summer.  Last year was to the same condo her granddad owned.  We chose HHI this year because of the uncertainty around the oil spill months ago when he was planning.  One thing that HHI isn’t that PCB is is cheap beer / spring break central.  So this year I had more choices.  I recall my brother in law and I in PCB hunting down a grocery store to try and find some sort of craft beer selection.  We ended up with Sam Adams and Leinenkugel.

STBC raspberry wheat

STBC raspberry wheat

This year thanks to beer mapping, I knew my spots.  We also ended up all driving separately.  So we can hit the spots we choose to.  Not that we couldn’t last year.  There were a few that we didn’t make it to.  Though we did enjoy the beer selection while in Sea Pines.  I found this Southern Tier raspberry wheat on the menu at Harbour Town Brews & Burgers.  A great spot with a great musician playing, what seemed like, 24 hours a day.  He was always there and played great.  He’d play anything almost.  The label says malt beverage, and it did seem to be more of a ‘Zima’ with a raspberry taste.  Sarah enjoyed it and knew I wouldn’t as much as her.  It wasn’t bad, just not what I’d chose to have for a session beer.  The raspberry taste was noticeable, but not overwhelming.  When I first saw it on the menu, I pondered why it wasn’t available here in Athens.  After tasting it, I told Sarah not to get her hopes on it showing up on store shelves.

HHBC house brews

HHBC house brews

Now for what I really wanted to do while in HHI.  Besides play tennis, golf (which didn’t happen), ride bikes, relax on the beach, and enjoy some seafood.  Was to check out Hilton Head Brewing Company.  And so we did.  I think I only asked Sarah once before we left if we could go.  When we arrived she quickly let her brother know we were going sometime.  Unfortunately they didn’t tag along.  Though it’s not much of a place for an almost 3 year old.  They had great coupons in the local magazines and flyers.  One was for two 1 topping pizzas and a pitcher of, what they call homebrew, what I call housebrew for $24.  I’m not sure on the price of a pitcher, but a pint is $4.  So I assume a pitcher is $12-$16?  We used a coupon for a free pint with purchase of sandwich, etc.  Not a bad deal.  They advertise to always have five taps on.  Yet only had four when we were there.  I think the blonde was out, gone, being raped?  “Hide yo kids, hide yo wives…hide yo blondes!”  So Sarah tries their raspberry wheat ale, which is actually better than the STBC of the same style.  It seemed to be more of a beer with raspberry taste.  I started with their amber which goes by the name of Calibogue Amber.  I’m assuming it’s a constant, since they have neon signs and tshirts with the name all over it.  Next I tried the IPA which was my favorite.  I’m not sure if the girl was giving us bad pours, but none of them had a head.  Seems too many people think that head is undesirable.  We went at an odd time, like 2p.m., after leaving the beach for a late lunch.  Sarah had a burger which she enjoyed.  Nothing to write home about, but to her liking it was obvious it wasn’t a frozen patty.  I had the oyster po’ boy, which I would have again if I was a regular.  We were the only people in the place.  It’s set-up too much like a nighttime bar, and not a brew pub.  That is my opinion however.  They do have plenty of HDTVs to supply any sport fan their daily dosage.

Again, there were several other places I would have stopped in.  Growlers Taproom being one of those.  Georgia’s dumb alcohol laws don’t allow growlers to be sold for the purpose of being taken off property.  Meaning if you buy one and it’s filled, you have to consume it there, on property.  Sitting here just now thinking about it, growlers are ideal for vacation.  You prepare a great meal that pairs well with a beer that’s available near by on tap.  You purchase a growler which is filled by tap, so it’s fresh.  Return home with said growler and enjoy.  Come on Georgia, get with it.  Or you could park your yacht and grab a few growlers to take back out to sea with you.  Then again, if your high clout ass can afford this john boat, you probably have a few taps on board.

Harbour Town Marina

Harbour Town Marina

I was hoping to end this post by saying I’m having my first homebrew session of the season this Labor Day weekend.  But Midwest Supplies totally screwed me by not shipping my order once they filled it.  Or so they charged me as it was filled.  They call two days later to tell me the wort chiller I ordered is on back order, and it usually takes a month to deliver.  They strongly advertise that 99%of all orders are filled and shipped within 24 hours.  I somehow fall into that 1% that ships 60 hours later.  So if I can ever get in contact with the guy that left the message on the answering maching, I might be able to brew next weekend.  He offered to give me a deal on a replacement, but ofcourse, he’s not available and no one else can give me a deal.  I would post a link to Midwest normally, but I’m now a former customer.

So this weekend will only pertain the return of college football.  GO DAWGS!  Plus some end of Summer quality pool time with my loving wife.  So until the homebrew session or Terrapin Beer Company Hop Harvest festival.


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