Still swimming

So after a great Lakes Bracket, I’m sitting here enjoying the last few Founders Centennial IPA.  What a great IPA.  With our vacation to Dominican Republic fast approaching, I’m taking a break from purchasing craft beer.  So there will be a couple of weeks, if not a month until the next round of the IPA Challenge, Frigid North Bracket (that’s about as p.c. as I could get).  Or it might be just before we fly out.

In the mean time I want to recommend  A great site for everything delicious beer.  So I’m cranking up some Grand Funk Railroad – Sin’s A Good Man’s Brother.

I’m also working a homebrew blog update.  I’ve had a few batches finish up that I need to do quick updates on.  None are undrinkable, yet, some are rather enjoyable over the others.  So be on the look out for that shortly.


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