Taking an eye-pee-ay break

So I’m not actually taking a break.  I’m into one of two of the next IPA competitors.  I’m reading Chapter 23 of Homebrewing for Dummies.  One might ask why Dummies and not John Palmer’s How to Brew?  Well, actually Dummies was the most recent published edition of any homebrew book I could find in Athens.  Also, How to Brew is in .pdf online.  Chapter 23 is on evaluating beer.  So as I enjoy the next IPA, and do some off again, on again reading, I’m reflecting on the awesome week past.

So the week before last was Sarah’s and myself second wedding anniversary.  Nope, no return trip to Hawaii just yet.



Not even Charleston.  Well, we are going to Punta Cana, Dominican Republic in July for our 2nd anniversary.  So Hawaii, Charleston, DR?  Next year I say backyard brawl.

Memorial Day was good, since it revolved around sitting pool side for the majority of the day.  A friend of Sarah’s came over with her cute 2.5 year old for awhile.  Then back to work, which consisted of Sarah staying in Atlanta for a couple of nights.  Thankfully enough for me, Wednesday night was the first of the month.  Which meant a cask tapping at the only brewpub in Athens, Copper Creek Brewery.  A once favorite for food of the wife and I, but has now slipped.  With two hot wing joints closing recently, they may have the best wings in town now.  But unfortunate for my palette and love for downtown I had to head to the 5 Points area of Athens.  More specifically, Aromas Wine Bar.  A wine review, um, yeah, nope!

Terrapin Beer Company was releasing the first (for Athens) cask of The Georgia Theatre Double Feature.  The second in the series to help rebuild The Georgia Theatre after it burned on June 19, 2009.  Their website has it listed as a Belgium Style Dubbel.  Byce, AJ and myself debated over this during our pours.  We were honored with the first pours also.  It’s listed at 7.7% ABV.  I didn’t taste it at all.  We actually debated whether or not it was a dubble at all.  Maybe it was due to being a cask, and shaken, stirred, something.  I’m not giving up on it at all.  I’ll grab two bottles, err, boxes of it.  Enjoy one and closet the other along with the first of the series, and with the rest of the series.  Also, credits to Byce for the photo.  I was so caught up in meeting A.J. and chatting with fellow beer geek Byce, my iPhone eluded me.

Terrapin Double Feature

Terrapin Double Feature

As much as I enjoyed hanging with fellow beer geeks at Aromas, the highlight of the day came when I went to Leon Farmer and Company.  They’re the AB distributor for Athens, and northeast Georgia.  We chatted for a good 15 minutes on craft beer and homebrewing.  They are the sole reason I now love Southern Tier Brewing Company.  Most people wouldn’t realize that the AB distributor is shelving Southern Tier.  They are as passionate about craft beer as I am.  They supply us with some great brews, such as STBC, Peak, and Gordon Biersch.  Obviously, they are as passionate about craft beer as I am.

One last note to mention.  I have a Turkish Red Ale homebrew in the fridge.  Given to me from a coworker, whom, yep, is from Turkey.  Not sure when I’ll try it.  Let’s hope it doesn’t kill me.


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  1. I talked to the guys at five points and they said the double feature was put in cask that day or day prior and lack of rest may have had some effect on the beer. Not up to speed on all the mechanics of casking so I can’t speak to this one way or another

    • They know better. Well, then again, look at all the trouble they had at the anniversary with the casks. Casks should sit for at least a week without movement. Then moved carefully, and allowed to settle again, for at least a day, or 4-8 hours is recommended.

    • Talking with guys at Village Wine, they spoke to Spike, and even he said it wasn’t that good. Not in cask long enough.

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