IPA challenge

So after Big Brew Day 2010 I’ve been pondering the next homebrew.  Lately, off and on, I’ve have strong tendencies to hunt down IPAs.  Quick and funny story.  Some friends of ours, whom the guy is from Washington state, where in an airport somewhere between Georgia and there.  Sitting in a pub and order and IPA.  Well, in Georgia we call it an IPA, pronounced eye-pee-aye, or I P A.  Well the lady in the pub said, around here we call that an IPPA.  One word, ip-pa.  Still hilarious to me.  So here’s how it’s going to work.  I’m going to choose two India Pale Ales from the same region.  For instance, round 1, they’re both from California.  They must be year round brews as well.  Why would I want to encourage someone to try a beer they can’t get?  Let’s list the regions and the beers.

Round 1: West coastLagunitas IPA vs Sierra Nevada Torpedo Extra IPA

Round 2: MountainBreckenridge Lucky U IPA vs New Belgium Ranger IPA

Round 3: LakesFounders’ Centennial IPA vs Bell’s Two Hearted Ale

Round 4: NorthSouthern Tier IPA vs Dogfish Head 60 Min IPA

Round 5: South – Sweetwater IPA vs Terrapin Hopsecutioner vs Highlands Kashmir IPA (since I’m in Georgia, the south gets an extra participant)

Judging is simple.  Which one does my palette prefer.  Well also, smell, appearance and mouthfeel (which I still struggle with, because shit, they’re all cold, wet and hopefully delicious).

What is an IPA?  An India Pale Ale is a pale ale which is usually amber to copper colored.  They can be medium to almost high in alcohol, not to be confused with a DIPA, which is a double IPA, or Imperial IPA.  The most distinct character is the hoppy taste, which on the tongue is a bitter taste.  On the Internation Bitter Units scales, IPAs will generally run around the 70 IBU range.

So round 1 is complete, results tomorrow.  Round 2 is underway, actually on day 2 of round 2 as I type this.


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  1. I got torpedo ranger two hearted southern tier by a hair an hopsecutioner. Ftw two hearted.

  2. I’m interested to see how this ends up. I have my own favorites, but put head-to-head I don’t know which I’d choose.

  3. A.J., I told byce if he got them all right there would be a prize. Since the two of you are local, whomever chooses them all right will get a 6 pack of my Summertime Fun Ale.

    So let’s see your picks A.J.

    thx for commenting

    • Alright well, I guess I got a bye on Round 1…I’ll say:
      -Sierra Nevada Torpedo
      -New Belgium Ranger
      -Bell’s Two Hearted
      -Dogfish Head 60 Minute
      -Terrapin Hopsecutioner

      Overall, I think the Bell’s has got it. Pretty similar picks, I guess. It all comes down to Round 4. Like I said earlier, it’s tough enough for me to decide which one I like the best…now I’m trying to figure out what you’ll like.

      Good luck!

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