Big Brew Day 2010

Being an Athenian obligates you to a few likings.  In the case of beer, it’s a liking for Terrapin Beer Co. So after falling in love with beer, good beer that is, I find myself always browsing the Terrapin section in every store.  Let’s back track for a minute on the love of beer.  When I met my wife I was a total light domestic non-draft beer consumer.  She doesn’t realize she turned me into the devil that I am today.

Slow Rye boil

Slow Rye boil

She first convinces me to try an Amstel Light.  Followed by a Stella, then she takes me to Sweetwater Brewery. Oops!  So anyways.  After brewing seven batches I begin to ponder the eight.  Nothing yet was a tribute to local.  Well the peach wheat kind of was, but it was out of season, so Chilean peaches were used.  Not the same as Georgia peaches.  I was actually all content on consuming the six cases of homebrew in the closet before brewing again.

Then I heard about Big Brew Day.  Big Brew Day is always the first Saturday of May.  A day created by the AHA.  America Homebrewer’s Association.  So May 1 is approaching and I get the itch to brew.  I ask for my wife’s forgiveness ahead of time.  She’s okay with it.  Let’s Brew!
Slow Rye malt

Slow Rye malt

After listening to a “Can You Brew It?” podcast episode of Terrapin’s Rye Pale Ale, I decide to try and recreate Spike’s recipe of percentage’s to actual weights.  I think I came pretty close.  ABV and IBU are on the numbers.  The tight range of numbers anyways.  I’m still trying to figure out a good way to judge and pre-calculate SRM.  SRM is the actual color of the brew.

One thing that some do not know about Terrapin beer’s is that they all contain five different types of malts and five different types of hops.  So my partial mash recipe is almost seven pounds of malt.  With three and a half ounces of hops.  The name of this rye clone?  Well it came after hearing a great oldie on the radio.  Ever heard the song that goes, “Slow Ride; Take It Easy”?  Well Big Brew Day 2o10 recipe was the Slow Rye (Take It Easy) Pale Ale.

I’ll blog again after our vacation to the Dominican Republic in July once it’s ready.


Slow Rye hops

Slow Rye hops

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