Terrapin Beer Company 8th anniversary

If you recall from a previous blog we attended Terrapin beer school.  One of the treats of that was two free passes to the brewery.  Terrapin Brewery is quite the fun filled event.  If I know we are going, I plan the entire day, if not weekend, around it.  With tours lasting from 5:30 – 7:30 Wednesday through Saturday, there is plenty of time to go out and enjoy your favorites, or soon to be favorite Terrapin beers.  The great thing about the anniversary, it’s from 5 – 8 p.m.

April 17th – Finally!

I was really excited about this.  Last year, I ran the inaugural  Terrapin Brewery 5k + 1 more mile run.  Sarah volunteered, thanks to me telling them she would.  I didn’t forget that one anytime soon.  This year I was hesitant on running, so we skipped that since the anniversary was the week following.

A long lost friend, JByce, was sure to let me know that last year’s event was a ‘long line Hell’.  This year, not so much.  We arrive early thanks to my worries.  Finally as 5:00 draws closer, two ladies come out and start checking id’s.  Then announce that the front door is cash only.  Side door is for card use.  After a few minutes I notice the card line, that we are in, is not moving.  I walk around and notice no cash line.  I grab Sarah, and we head for the cash line.  Since we aren’t actually paying anyways.

Once inside we begin to sample the goodness.  We run straight for one of four cask ale tents, starting with the Belgium tent.  Just for S – & G’s (shits and giggles) I’ll mention they did have Midnight Project brew 2.  Which is an espresso milk stout from Lefthand Brewing and Terrapin Beer Company.  Amazing!  I normally go from light to dark, but knew this wouldn’t last, so it was my second pour.

So the list of all the casks?  Ofcourse:

-Hopesecutioner aged on Bourbon and Oak

-Rye Pale Ale aged on Cherry Oak and Bourbon

-Rye dry hopped with Centennial Hops

-Hop Karma IPA  aged with Vanilla Bean, Chocolate and Cinnamon

-Golden Ale dry hopped with Hallertaur Hops

– Iron Tankard…the last one ever

I had the Rye dry hopped with Centennial.  Not bad.  As a home brewer I enjoy the taste and smell of Centennial hops.  Also the Golden dry hopped with Hallertaur.  Not bad either.  Not a big Golden fan, but Noble hops are superior.  Sarah was intrigued to the the Hop Karma with Vanilla bean, Chocolate and Cinnamon.  Not her thing, yet, Hop Karma is not for her palette either.  She also went after the Rye aged on Cherry Oak and Bourbon.  Knowing my wife it was all because it said cherry.  She didn’t see the oak or bourbon part, trust me.  It was a very complex beer.  Good, but too complex, for both of us actually.  JByce was after the Hopsecutioner aged on bourbon and oak.  Again, complex, but a good beer.

There was also the Reunion Wit, which was my first.  Not sure if it was meant to be or not.  Even after talking with John, one of the co-founders, if this was meant to be a sour.  Not bad, but caught me off guard when the first sip revealed it was truly a sour.  I never got around to trying some other favorites.  Like Dos Cocoas, Pumpkinfest, and Wake & Bake.  But I did have a Maggies Farmhouse Ale & Big Hoppy Monster.

All in all, another damn fine day at the brewery.  If you’re ever in Athens on a Wed-Sat, make it a point to stop by from 5:30-7:30.  You won’t regret it.

265 Newton Bridge Rd  Athens, GA


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