A first of many

First of many.  Firsts?  Let’s see.  First time I brew on my own.  Without a boss, co-brewer, co-worker, what have you.  First time I brew my own recipe, a pale ale.  First time I dry hop.  Ok.  So the first two firsts go ok.

So if you have kept count, this will be the fourth brew on the equipment.  All previous brews were assisted by The Turk.  So now for the fourth brew.  I called it Newbee Pale Ale.  Newb, as in a new brewer.  Newbee, for the bee, or rather the 16 oz of honey that went into the wort with the LME.  Oh, so that’s another first.  Honey, which is sugar, will increase the alcohol of the wort.

dry hops

dry hops in fermenter

So the big first would have been the dry hopping.  Which I wanted to do with Cascade hops for their citrus and grapefruit flavor.  Yet I receive Brewer’s Gold hops.  Which are described as a sharp bittering hop.  Luckily when dry hopping, you only get the flavor.  Bad part?  Brewer’s Gold lacks a good flavor.

So the brew is a success.  All the firsts come off without a hitch except when racking to bottling bucket.  Because I dry hopped without any containment on the hops, so transfer to the bottling bucket.  These few hop sediments end up in the bottles.  Not all bad unless you see little greenies in your glass.

So I’m excited to try this recipe again in the winter for a nice spring time dry hopped pale ale.  Hopefully by then I’ll have all the necessities of producing a nice, clean, crisp ale down.

Until then…


hops after racking

hops after racking

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