Blog detoured

So my committment to myself for having a blog was two posts a week. Atleast until I was done posting on all my homebrews to date. That would have me caught up in just a few weeks. If you remember from my first post, Blog or Not, I have seven brews under my belt so far.

So I was planning to have one, if not two, posts in over the weekend. That didn’t come close to happening. It’s Monday and I’m just writing this one. Sarah’s old coworker roommate was in town for the weekend. I felt completely obligated to take her to Terrapin Brewery. Tough times I know. She did after all take us to Red Brick Ale, Or Atlanta Brewing Company, or any other name you want to give them. After the brewery on a gorgeous Friday afternoon, we hit up DePalmas on the eastside of Athens. Best italian food in town.

Saturday? Headed to Asheville with my brother in law. Grabbed dinner at Tupelo Honey. Then a bier at Bier Garden. Saw #1 Kansas get upset. That was a great game. Sunday? NASCAR!

Pace lap

Pace lap

Bristol Tennessee for the spring race. This was my first time going to a race. May very well be my last. He had the hook up for me. Not just pit passes, but hot passes. Means we have access to the pits during the race. A suite, plus victory lane passes. Met some of his coworkers and saw bow they support the crew chiefs.

So now back to getting caught up on homebrew blogs right. Yes and no. This weekend Sarah and I are taking a little mini vacay to the N. Ga. mountains. Saturday will be Terrapin beer class at Brasstown Valley Resort. Which is were we’re staying Friday & Saturday nights. So looking forward to it.

As the yawns get more frequent, so are my blinks. I’m shutting down the iPhone WordPress app and calling it a night.


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