Blog or not?

Pearl Harbor

After pondering the fact to Blog or not, I asked a simply question to my wife. Should I start a blog? Her reply, quick for her, “Yeah?” So here we are.

About the URL: NewbBrewer

There are two types, newb and noob. Newb being someone new to anything. For me, new to blogging. New to brewing. The latter, noob. Noob is someone that isn’t as new. Yet someone that seems new. Often times a noob is reluctant to learn. If I were to talk to a veteran today. Telling him I’ve been brewing for almost 5 months and 6 batches under my belt, I may be called either. That’s okay too. (For now)

About the blog’s title: Guesswork Brewery

You may now think that this relates to being a noob. While in fact it’s far from it. See brewing is sometimes guesswork. You start with a grain bill, malt, barley, rye, wheat, etc. You add hops, either for bittering or simply aroma. You boil, chill, then pitch yeast. Then you’re at the mercy of the calendar. Do you primary ferment for 2 weeks? Secondary for 2 weeks? No secondary, or 4 weeks secondary? Bottle conditioning for 2 weeks? Now you’re getting really inpatient, it’s been a month. Still no taste! So until experience is on my side. It’s all guesswork.

As I mentioned earlier. I have six brews under my belt. Oops, recount. Make that seven. The first two were extract kits from Midwest Supplies. Which I ordered when I purchased my homebrew equipment. Next was a porter for a coworker. Also an extract, but from a local brew supply store here in Athens, GA. The third brew was my first by myself. Also, first recipe I created. So back to being a newb or noob. If all I did was brew other’s recipes, or ready made kits. Not learning anything other than how long it takes for a beer to get cold. Then how long it takes to consume. Then a noob I’d be. I have friends that have been brewing for years. Who still yet have not created their own recipe. So I think I’m happy to be a newb. Still new, but learning.

first steeping

Recipes five, six and seven has given me a much more aggressive learning curve. I’m now doing partial mash brews. More on this in a later blog.

Well, my intentions were more with my first blog. My mind and heavy eyes are telling me something different.

So I’m off to bed to dream about the next brew recipe.


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